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TheMoodisWrite's Profile Picture
Modwri Facpla
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
A new entry into the field of adoptables, Moody (or Modwri) looks forward to finding good homes for the designs she dreams up!

Also, I'm sorry in advance if updating my pieces gets on your nerves! I don't upload often, and I try to only do updates on designs that are in a lot of groups, so that hopefully those designs I update find loving homes. If you think I'm doing this too often, please send me a note, and I'll happily hold off!

Buy Me a Coffee at

OC Diversity Meme

Stolen from this dood:

How many OCs do you have?

Over 200 of them.

Gender and Love

You have an OC that is:

(x) Male.
(x) Female.
(x) Intersex.
(x) Non-binary or genderqueer.
(x) Genderfluid.
(x) Transgender.
(x) Heterosexual.
(x) Bisexual.
(x) Homosexual.
(x) Polysexual.
(x) Pansexual.
(x) Asexual.
(x) Demisexual.
(x) Aromantic.
(x) Polyamorous.
(x) Single.
(x) Dating.
(x) Engaged.
(x) Married.
( ) Divorced.
(x) Widowed.
(x) In a civil partnership.
(x) In an open relationship.
(x) In a poly relationship.

Total: 23 of 24

Race and Ethnicity

You have an OC who is:

(x) Black.
(x) Caucasian.
( ) Latina/o.
(x) Indian.
(x) Asian.
(x) Middle Eastern.
( ) Native American.
( ) Pacific Islander.
(x) Another race or ethnicity.
(x) A race or ethnicity or your own creation.
(x) Multiracial.

Total: 8 of 11


You have an OC that is:

(x) Christian.
( ) Jewish.
( ) Hindu.
( ) Buddhist.
(x) Islamic.
(x) Pagan or Wiccan.
(x) Satanist.
(x) Another religion.
(x) A religion of your own creation.
(x) Agnostic.
(x) Atheist.
(x) Pro-LGBTQA+.
(x) Anti-LGBTQA+.
(x) Pro-choice.
(x) Pro-life.

Total: 12 of 15

Illnesses and Disabilities

You have an OC with:

(x) Cancer.
( ) Lupus.
(x) Diabetes.
( ) Crohn's.
(x) Depression.
(x) Anxiety.
(x) Bipolar disorder or bipolar depression.
(x) Schizophrenia.
(x) PTSD.
(x) Self-harming habits or tendencies.
(x) Alcoholism (or is a recovered alcoholic).
(x) Drug addiction (or is a recovered addict).
(x) Asperger's, Autism, or another form of ASD.
( ) Down's Syndrome.
(x) Infertility issues.
(x) Allergies.
(x) Insomnia.
(x) A missing limb, multiple missing limbs, or prosthetics.
(x) Blindness or a missing eye.
( ) Deafness.
(x) The inability to speak.
(x) Confinement to a wheelchair.
( ) Paralysis.
(x) Another illness or disability.
(x) An illness or disability of your own creation.

Total: 20 of 26


You have an OC from:

(x) North America.
( ) Central America.
( ) South America.
( ) The Caribbean Islands.
(x) Europe.
(x) The United Kingdom.
(x) The Middle East.
( ) Africa.
(x) Asia.
( ) Russia.
(x) India.
( ) Australia.
( ) New Zealand.
( ) Antarctica.
(x) Another dimension, realm, planet, or place of your own creation.

Total: 7 of 15

Appearance and Abilities

You have an OC with:

(x) Glasses.
(x) Freckles or visible birthmarks.
(x) Acne.
(x) Scars or burns.
(x) Missing or crooked teeth or a gap.
(x) Fangs.
(x) Wings and/or horns.
(x) A tail or tails.
( ) Fins or gills.
(x) Magical powers or supernatural abilities.

Total: 9 of 10

There are one hundred questions.  Add up your total, and that is your percentage.

Honestly, I think this could be a bit more all-encompassing, especially when it comes to location and beliefs, but that's mostly just because I want a higher score! Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 


Goodbye, Core.  I'll miss the features I... mostly... didn't use?
oops ! 
To be fair, I am kind of a derpy individual.
Had to replace my tablet nib.  The old one was fraying and so far down I was barely getting lines out of it.  The new one is weirdly uncomfortable... lol
Digger Wip by TheMoodisWrite
Aw yeaaaah.  I'm stupid levels of proud of this!  Just gotta work on the breathing mask. -cough-
I'm nearly caught up with my notifications now.  I've seen so many beautiful pieces, faved many of them, and longed blatantly for that which was already closed.

I've left so many comments now on so many profiles to thank people for adding me to their watch lists.  Gaw. TuT I'm so happy people like my stuff, even though I don't upload often!

I'll be posting a WIP soon of an OC of mine that I've been working on drawing, plus I have a coloring commish to upload as well!
Slowly but surely working on getting my 'life' back together after drowning in RP to the point of not being able to do art for lack of time.  Oof!  I missed DA.


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